aSocket | Community Manager

We're dedicated to providing the resources required to make your community safe & successful. We strive to provide the finest products within the industry - ensuring that they are effective, efficient, & superior. With our global user database utilized to monitor players, cheater deferral program deployed to ward off malicious users from your server(s), powerful moderation tools & robust anti-cheat - aSoc's numerous unique features will keep your community protected.

aSoc - an all-in-one community manager providing quality support, premium service, & top-notch security at a reasonable price. Together we can make FiveM a friendlier place, and it all starts here.


Global User Database
51,973 Total Users

Each unique user that connects to a server running aSoc is generated a global account that stores their information. This data is easily accessible by server owners & is updated every time the user makes a connection.

Robust Anti-Cheat
18,498 Flags

Our fully custom anti-cheat has protected countless servers from malicious attacks. Extensive testing takes place before implementing new features to verify the accuracy & functionality of the anti-cheat. The Predator anti-cheat has had zero false bans since launch. For a more detailed list of features please visit this page.

Cheater Database
1,541 Modders Punished

When a modder is caught hacking by our anti-cheat they will automatically be added to our "Cheater Database". You will be given the option to defer all connections by users who have previously been caught cheating on any server.

Other Features
More information soon...

Other features include Web Panel Access, Discord Management, Disciplinary Enforcement / History, Chat Filtering, Server Statistics, and more.
Visit the features page for detailed information.


Nitro Plan
Discord Nitro Boost

You can boost our discord server for access to this tier.

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Tier 1
$5 Monthly

More information soon...

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Tier 2
$10 Monthly

More information soon...

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Tier 3
$20 Monthly

More information soon...

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Predator Package
$55 Monthly

This tier includes all previous features as well as our premium anti-cheat.

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